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If you are running a local business in Houston, chances are that you already have a digital presence, including your website. Our favorite website builder is WordPress – and it’s essential to ensure that you take full advantage of all the features the platform offers to optimize your website and make your business more successful. 

Whether you are already familiar with WordPress and just looking to improve your website or are considering switching your website over – we can help! Here is more information on WordPress and some Houston WordPress services that our local Houston digital marketing agency can help you with. 

Why You Should Use WordPress

According to W3Techs, WordPress websites account for 43.2% of the internet. When you think about how many websites are on the internet, that is a pretty large portion! Also, Houston is the 4th largest city in the country, with hundreds of thousands of businesses. So, a high-quality WordPress website will help you put your best foot forward and stand out in the sea of websites.

You are probably familiar with the platform’s features if you already have a WordPress website. However, if you are still on the fence about switching your website to WordPress, check out these pros that just might convince you.

Speed & Performance 

Users will find robust speeds and incredible performance levels, meaning your customers shouldn’t get bogged down with a webpage that won’t load! A more positive user experience is more likely to lead to conversions.

Custom Plugins 

With WordPress, some advanced features and plugins make it easy to customize your website layout, overall look, and functionality. There are also plugins that ensure you’re set up in the best way for the more technical things, like SEO.

Low Maintenance & User-Friendly 

WordPress offers user-friendly technology for tech and non-tech people. Other website builder platforms may require more intensive coding, but WordPress provides a low-maintenance website solution. 

What Makes an Effective Houston WordPress Website?

Typically the average reader will give something about 15 seconds to grab their attention, and if the content on your website doesn’t do that, they will move on to a competitor’s. So, it is essential to note what makes an effective Houston WordPress website. 

The first thing any potential customer notices when first landing on your website is whether it will load for them! The technical aspects of your website are critical to keeping your customers on your website because it should be running smoothly and quickly. We all know that a slow-loading webpage only offers your customers an easy out! Next, they will look to see if your website is visually appealing and easy to navigate. Your website should have a cohesive yet effective design because how you lay out website components such as copy, photos, and design aspects matters to the customer and their overall experience.

Your website should be easy to find, navigate, and sell your product or service, and WordPress websites are just that! They are fast, user-friendly, secure, and customizable for their users. A well-constructed website is clear in its message. Your website should also clearly state who you are, your location, and your business’s purpose, and answer other frequently asked customer questions. 

Houston WordPress Services Offered by Marketing Refresh

At Marketing Refresh, we offer various WordPress services to enhance your website’s look and performance. 

WordPress Development

We will work with you from start to finish to bring your website vision to life! So whether you are starting from scratch or need a little website “refresh,” we’ve got you covered with WordPress website development. 

Our strategists, designers, and developers work to create designs that can be seamlessly developed on WordPress and are also responsive for all monitor sizes. This piece is critical to remember because if your website can’t respond and change with the window or monitor that your customer is viewing it on, the whole webpage will look off! 

We’ll work with your team to design and develop the perfect website to generate leads for your business.

WordPress Hosting & Migration

Hosting is the business of housing, serving, and maintaining all files for your website on a separate server. There is a wide selection of companies you can choose to host your website. We offer customized hosting through our dedicated server with WP Engine – also a Texas company! Having a website on our dedicated server will ensure your website’s speed and performance. 

Migrating your website hosting service to WP Engine is a relatively simple process and is one of the most straightforward migrations your business’s website could do. 

WordPress Site Maintenance

Ongoing site maintenance is critical to the continued success of your website. Not staying on top of your site maintenance would be like spending all sorts of money on a new car, only to not keep up with the oil changes and other maintenance items and have many problems to deal with later! 

Consistent WordPress site maintenance helps ensure your website stays optimized and speeds stay up and running smoothly to avoid fewer errors or webpage crashes. Several site maintenance examples we offer include core software updates, security mitigation and consulting, plugin and theme upgrades and modifications, and update testing and duplications. 

Let’s Refresh Your Website!

Let us be your go-to partner for your Houston WordPress service needs. Whether you need a slight website refresh with new copy and design or a complete website overhaul with a new website strategy, webpages, and more, we can drastically improve your website’s look and performance. 

Marketing Refresh is a full-service digital marketing agency, and we would love to help you and your business! So, contact us today and let us discuss how we can enhance your website with our Houston WordPress services to meet your business goals.

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