Going In Fresh: My Expectations as an Intern

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Throughout the course of an internship, you want to feel as though you’re not only learning the tricks of the trade, but that you’re learning the skills that will help you develop as a professional. While there is a lot that can be taught in a classroom, some lessons require some personal experience – whether you want to experience learning a new software platform or experience working with a team of industry professionals. With an internship at Marketing Refresh, I think that I could get this more personal, hands-on experience that I want.

What I Hope To Learn

I would like to take a deeper dive into the world of search engine optimization (SEO), building on what I’ve learned in my previous digital marketing classes. After about a year into the University of Houston’s master’s in marketing program, I’ve learned how essential SEO is and how, when managed well through a well-developed plan, it creates a strong foundation for a good digital marketing strategy. I’ve experienced some of this through various projects with newer businesses that had yet to focus on developing a strong digital marketing strategy or online presence. Now, I would like to know what goes into a well-developed SEO plan for larger-scale businesses.

I want to continue to develop my analytical and observational skills. I see it as necessary to, in this position, further develop a strong eye for detail. This goes hand in hand with learning more about SEO, and as a younger industry professional, it is always good to take the time and continue to focus on growing my soft skill set along with my professional skill set.

Even though I’ll be working more on the SEO side of things, I think that it’s good to get an understanding as to how that one aspect of marketing ties into the others. When working closely with other professionals managing different aspects, one gains a better understanding and appreciation for those aspects of digital marketing and how they work together to develop an effective digital strategy. It can be pretty fascinating to see the processes that are involved, and see them developed from the ground up.

What I Look Forward To

I haven’t truly experienced working at a marketing agency before, so I look forward to any new experiences, and challenges, that may present themselves. Through experiences and challenges comes growth, and I hope to take away invaluable lessons that will help me in my professional development, for both my immediate and long-term future. Being in the earlier years in my career as a marketing professional, I know just how important it is for me to continue building a strong foundation of knowledge that I can use as a platform to continue to grow within this industry.

I’m also looking forward to getting the opportunity to work with industry professionals that can show me the ropes of this constantly evolving industry. Getting to work with a great team of people that can teach you new techniques and new workflows is ideal for any internship position.

Getting exposed to new perspectives and ideas from those that have experiences that I don’t is also what I look for in an internship, and what I look forward to working at Marketing Refresh. That, paired with professional feedback, could help to break me out of any inefficient patterns or working habits, allowing me to think a different level that they’re accustomed to. Whether those help me complete a task more efficiently or helps me solve a problem, bringing me to any “Aha!” moments, a professional, outside perspective is always welcome.

Earlier, I mentioned how this internship would help me to get a better understanding of SEO and sharpen my eye for detail. Through improvement on these fronts, I think my time as an intern will help advance my path towards a career in digital marketing. Along with working in a professional environment, this position will assist me in my transition from being a student to being a professional myself.

I’m excited to get the opportunity to join the team at Marketing Refresh. I plan to make the most of my time, as I hope to not only take away experience, but make great contributions as well.

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