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It’s not every day that copywriters are front and center. Copywriting is a behind the scenes job and it’s not always the most glamorous. But it’s a lot of hard work — especially in an agency — wherein any given day you are alternating between eight or ten different voices, business objectives, and messaging strategies.

That’s why we are thrilled to announce the promotion of our longtime copywriter, James Caldwell to Senior Copywriter and Content Marketing Manager!

James Caldwell Senior CopywriterThree Cheers For James!

James is now one of the OG’s. He has been with Marketing Refresh for 2 years and has contributed to dozens upon dozens of client projects. On any given Tuesday, James effortlessly alternates between content strategist, blog writer, website planner, and even social media manager.

He is the voice behind many of our clients and takes pride in knowing them intimately so that the writing becomes an extension of their company. Since we have a pretty diverse client list, that means he can go from writing about oil and gas in the morning to enchiladas in the afternoon. And on top of it all, he does it with a giant smile on his face.

To Infinity and Beyond

Marketing Refresh is growing in many ways. As we move into 2019, James is still going to be writing for many of our clients. And you will likely be seeing him at more meetings as he steps into this expanded planning and strategic role.

Please join us in congratulating James!

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