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Community RefreshAs a Houston digital marketing agency, we’re blessed with the opportunity to help people daily.
Our marketing strategies, management skills, and ability to create SEO-optimized content enables us to make a difference for our clients.

We help clients grow their offering, expand their staff, increase salaries, and provide employees with the job security their families need.

And as a way to impact those outside of our marketing network, we created Community Refresh which hosts volunteer efforts around the community throughout the year.

The Good Deed

On Friday, August 24th, while Houstonians were preparing for Hurricane Harvey to make landfall, our team was at the Heights Interfaith Food Pantry.

We helped over 80 families get the canned goods, produce, meat and toiletries they needed to weather out the storm. These families lack the income to purchase the food and supplies on their own and rely on the kindness of others to get by.

It was humbling to spend our evening helping less fortunate – but extremely friendly – families prepare for a major storm.

The Great Service

The Heights Interfaith Food Pantry opened its doors in 2009 with the mission of providing free, nutritious groceries to everyone who seeks help.

Individuals and families are accepted and provided food regardless of citizenship, race, social or economic status, national origin, or religion. And they can come by the pantry every 30 days to get what they need.

As of 2017, The Heights Interfaith Food Pantry has provided groceries to over 100,000 individuals throughout the Houston area.

The Way You Can Participate

The Heights Interfaith Food Pantry is 100% volunteer run. It needs a continuous supply of food, supplies, volunteers, and money to remain open and make a difference.

If you can, please place non-perishable items such as canned goods, diapers, and feminine hygiene products in the collection bin at 3523 Beauchamp, Houston, TX 77009.

And if you can volunteer your time, Click Here.

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