Christian Merenu Promoted to Digital Marketing Specialist!

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Christian Merenu Promoted To Digital Marketing Specialist! 1

Every great digital marketing agency needs an SEO wizard. For our agency, it’s Christian Merenu, who we are proud to announce has been promoted to the role of digital marketing specialist!

Christian has added tremendous value to our agency since joining the team as a Search Engine Optimization intern in May of 2018. He grew into a digital marketing coordinator last year and now has rightfully earned the new title of specialist.

What does this mean? Not only has Christian elevated his SEO capabilities over the past two years, but he has also developed skills in paid social ads optimization, keyword research, social media, and many other areas.

Plus, when the calendar turns to the first of the month, we depend on Christian to put together detailed monthly reports for the clients that we serve. These valuable reports capture the ROI of our clients’ investment in digital marketing and show each client how their marketing program is helping them progress toward their business goals. In the reports, Christian is uniquely skilled at filtering through A LOT of data and conveying the most important information to each client.

Paid Search and SEO Support From Christian 

There are two very important pieces of the digital marketing puzzle that Christian has become proficient at managing for each client…

Paid social ad optimization. The ultimate moving target in digital marketing is trying to manage paid social ads on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Paid social ads have become increasingly important over time. However, there are constant changes that need to be monitored to generate the best return on this investment.

Christian absolutely owns this by taking a client’s budget, strategizing how to utilize the budget, setting up ads, monitoring performance, and making necessary adjustments to maximize reach and conversions. It is a very challenging task that he manages with great skill.

SEO optimization. When Christian puts on his SEO hat, amazing things happen. He has elevated our keyword research by layering in an extra step that has produced great results guiding the content direction for each client.

As the content manager for our agency, I truly appreciate Christian’s SEO support providing me with a running start to develop and manage the content strategy for our clients! Then, over time, Christian and I continue to dive into the latest keyword research to generate the most productive and relevant content for clients. It’s an extraordinary tag team effort!

Congrats Christian!

Christian is well-deserving of this recognition and promotion to digital marketing specialist. He has helped our agency grow by managing so many different critical aspects of digital marketing for our clients. Plus, he is always ready to help out with new and different projects, reflecting a team-first attitude that is core to our agency.

I look forward to seeing how Christian continues to grow in this new role. I’m also excited to see what else he has up his sleeve to help our clients continue to grow their business by investing in digital marketing. Hats off, Christian!

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