Why Your Business Needs to Invest in Professional Video

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Why Your Business Needs To Invest In Professional VideoMany business owners are excited about the idea of using video to increase engagement, drive sales, and tell their stories to potential new customers. The question is: What technology should you use to achieve this objective?

Video technology has advanced to where anyone with a smartphone can record high-quality HD video. A handheld video is useful for creating initial awareness and stirring conversation in your industry. This is because consumers place a high value on user-generated content, which they view as authentic and trustworthy.

However, when using media content to reach your target prospects and customers to purchase your product or solution, the best approach to engage them is with professional video.

Here are three reasons why this is important to reach your desired audience.

1. Professional Video Reinforces Your Brand

A professional video allows you to control your brand image.

Everything you release to the public tells a story about your company and brand. A professional video will reinforce the professionalism of your brand on every platform you utilize: company website, social media, email, eNews, tutorials, etc.

Using this type of video will elevate your communication with current and prospective customers. This conveys to your target audience that you are committed to quality throughout your business.

Now, what are your options to produce professional videos that you can utilize on your platforms?

2. Proper Video Equipment is Key

Producing high-quality, professional video requires specialized equipment.

The requirements to film the type of video that will impact your audience include:

  • Camera equipment
  • Proper lighting
  • Multiple camera and lens options
  • High-quality audio to match the video quality
  • Stock photos and graphics
  • Editing software
  • Creative and knowledgeable editor

Investing in these elements can be pricey, ranging from $2,500 to $10,700. Additionally, there is a time cost of asking your team to learn specific techniques, handle the production, and deliver a high-quality professional video.

This process will take time away from your team supporting your business and executing their assigned tasks. Additionally, other priorities will arise from time to time, pushing high-quality videos down the priority list in your company. That will hurt your ability to generate a return on your investment in specialized equipment.

3. Professional Video Experts Will Execute a Plan

Video experts are trained to handle your professional video needs.

You spent years building your business. If you make widgets and want to dominate the widget marketplace, you should focus on making the best widgets possible.

When you hire a professional video service, you are hiring a team of experts who similarly put years into their craft, are dedicated to producing high-quality videos, and have a plan to execute the deliverables.

Professionals focus on every visual and audio detail so that you and your team can do what you do best, which is run your business.

You also do not have to worry about investing in expensive equipment and hoping that your in-house team will actually use the equipment, as professionals have all the tools in their toolbelt ready to be utilized.

Marketing Refresh Can Support Your Business

As the Visual Media Manager for Marketing Refresh, I am proud of the high-quality professional videos that we have produced for clients.

And, with the recent addition of our dedicated Creative Space, we are fully capable of handling your company’s full video production needs: planning, set-up, filming, and editing to deliver a final product.

Instead of investing thousands of dollars on video equipment and in-house production, or trying to shoot professional videos on a smartphone, utilize our expertise and capabilities to reach your target customers and generate ROI. Contact us today to get started on our professional video services.

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