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Success is a never-ending cycle of taking what you can, so you can give what you get.

In other words, collect every bit of knowledge possible, share it with others, allow them to build upon it, relearn and share once again.

Therefore, to remain a successful digital marketing company, our team attends and speaks at various industry related conferences throughout the year to collect and implement valuable information.

We recently participated in The Blog Elevated Conference and would love to tell you all about it.

The Conference

Blog-Elevated-LogoBlog Elevated pioneered Houston’s blogging community and now has members across Texas and overseas. Each year they host a conference that brings together these members, talented keynote speakers, and a few relevant companies to present on good business practices.

Held at South Shore Harbour & Conference Center, this year’s conference covered social media, photography, search engine optimization (SEO), branding and writing workflow.

The Learning

I, James Mann, Copywriter for Marketing Refresh, benefited more from attending the conference rather than speaking at it.

I was able to soak up the information presented, create a plan for using the info to benefit client’s ongoing content marketing, network with over 100 other writers and promote Aaron Eaves’ session.

The Sharing

If you are familiar with SEO, then you probably know our Director of Search Marketing, Aaron Eaves. In addition to helping clients improve their search positions, Aaron also founded and runs SearchHOU, a local meetup group for search engine marketing professionals to share knowledge, experiments, and tactics with others in the community.

Through this group, he met the founders of Blog Elevated, and they invited him to speak at this year’s conference.


Aaron presented Search Engine Optimization- The Basics and Beyond which covered:

  • An overview of what SEO is
  • How to do keyword research
  • How to get your website/blog found by search engines
  • A list of favorite tools and how to use them to optimize your website

The Part for You

If you’d like to work with a digital marketing agency dedicated to honing skills and implementing current best practices to help your brand grow, Contact Marketing Refresh Today!

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