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Down the rabbit hole, he went, chasing search marketing trends to help clients increase visibility. He appeared in Dallas at the State of Search conference and spent two days networking with some interesting characters and learning what he came for.

This is the story of Aaron Eaves, our Director of Search Marketing, and his short but worthy journey.State Of Search Conference 2016

Chapter One: Aaron’s Arrival

It was November 14th at a Texas-sized event space near downtown Dallas. It’s familiar. He attended last year’s conference and has hosted some of the speakers at SearchHOU, a local search marketing meetup group he founded.

Among the familiar faces were new ones from Google, Microsoft, and other Fortune 500 companies. State of Search is billed as the premier search marketing conference in the south, so it made sense for talented marketers to be everywhere.

Aaron checked in, grabbed his name badge and agenda, and made his way to the opening keynote.

Chapter Two: Listen, Learn, Party

The sessions flew by and notes filled his screen, but he still wanted more. If you’ve ever been to a search marketing conference, you know the best information is shared at the bar, so that’s where he went.

Aaron ended up having a one-on-one conversation with Sean Jackson of Copyblogger who shared a wealth of knowledge about event marketing and how to grow an organization. He then returned to the conference hall and sat through the final sessions.

Chapter Three: The Takeaway

After listening to a couple action-packed days of presentations, one common theme seemed to always be present, users need websites to be faster. Internet users crave speed, and whether that is due to a slow connection or are just a lack of patience, speed is a necessity. And since users love speed, so do search engines. People will always search and expect immediate results.

Having a finely tuned website that operates efficiently is often overlooked in the marketing community and will be something Aaron takes back with him to share at SearchHou and focus on as he works with clients to increase awareness and targeted website traffic.

Wake up! Potential customers are searching!

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