7 Steps To A Successful Email Campaign

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7 Steps To A Successful Email CampaignEmail marketing has the greatest ROI of any digital marketing channel. But email marketing isn’t foolproof. Generating leads and increasing sales requires a strategy.

When you partner with Marketing Refresh, you get creativity, design and decades of marketing experience capable of taking your email campaign to new heights. These are the steps to follow.

Step 1. Segment Your Campaigns

A generic email sent to your entire list with more than one topic will end up in the trash. Your email should address a single target and have one desired response. It’s better to send multiple emails than try to cram everything into one message.

Step 2. Scrub Your list

You can write the perfect email, but unless you’re sending it to the right people, you won’t get the response you’re looking for. Scrub your list before every campaign. If you decide to purchase a list make sure it’s from a reputable vendor such as Bridge Marketing and know the laws in your area. Sorry Canada.

Step 3. Spend Time On The Subject Line

The subject line is the most important part of your email. It has to stand out in their inbox and compel the reader to open it. Don’t be afraid of creativity.

Step 4. Include Pre-Header Text

The short paragraph under the subject line is called Pre-Header Text. Use it. Tell the reader why they should open your email instead of scrolling past it.

Step 5. Personalize it

This step is easy. Include the reader’s name at the beginning of the email and you’ll get a better response.

Step 6. Make Sure It’s Mobile Friendly

According to Campaign Monitor, about 53 percent of emails are opened on mobile devices. If your email fails to load on a smartphone, you risk losing half your potential revenue.

Marketing Refresh will program your email to ensure fast loading times on every device.

Step 7. Send At The Right Time

The final step is sending the email. Mid Morning during the workweek is usually the best time, but every industry is different. Use your best judgment.

Email Marketing requires a strategy to be successful. Following these seven steps will put you on the right path, but for the best results, hire Marketing Refresh and get you the ROI you expect.


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