5 Copywriting Truths You Won’t Believe

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5 Copywriting Truths You Won’t BelieveDon’t flip through copywriting books or go past the 3rd page of Google. In one blog post, you’ll learn the secrets industry professionals have been hesitant to share.

I’m not allowed to give away the farm unless you hire Marketing Refresh, but keep reading to uncover the information I’ve been approved to provide.

1. How It Looks Is (Almost) More Important Than What It Says

Most people don’t read. They only skim to find the information they need. To use this to your advantage, make the most valuable content easy to find. In the case of this blog post, I have put all of the copywriting truths in bold.

2. Because Is The Best Word You Can Use

Telling your potential customers why they should choose your product or service is the reason for copywriting. And everyone knows the best response to why is ‘because’ followed by a good reason.

3. Don’t Use An Even Number Unless It Can Be Divided By 10

Look at the title of this blog and then look at the articles on BuzzFeed. Notice something? Articles these days begin with an odd number for one main reason, they get clicked more often.

4. You Can Break Grammar Rules

It’s okay. Do what you need to grab their attention. Capitalize words in the middle of a sentence to show Extra Importance. Bold Words. And start sentences with ‘and’ for additional emphasis. Just don’t get too crazy.

5. Your CTA Should Be In More Than One Place

The Call To Action (CTA) is what you want the reader to do. It’s common practice to put it at the bottom of your content. But remember, people are skimming. You will have a better chance of them seeing your CTA if you put it near the beginning of the article too.

…So Here’s The Gist

I’ve shared five copywriting truths you can implement to get results. If you want a greater chance of success, hire Marketing Refresh because we have the talent you can only get from decades of marketing experience and the right attitude.

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