4 Ways To Optimize Your Blog

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4-Ways-To-Optimize-Your-Blog-For-SeoBlogs are powerful. A blog can improve your companies search position, leading to an increase in revenue. For the largest impact, your content needs to be optimized for search engines like Google and Bing.

Marking Refresh has decades of marketing, SEO, and industry experience. We use the following four tips as part of our content marketing strategy and can help you implement them.

1. Write Content That Answers A Question

When a potential customer wants to compare models or has a question about a car, in most cases they won’t call a dealership, they’ll search online instead. You may get a lead if your blog post has the answer.

Think about what your potential customer might want to know, and write about those topics. For more information, here is how to ‘Rev’ Up Your Blog Content.

2. Include The Keywords Customers Are Using

Take the word or phrase your potential customers are searching for and incorporate them throughout your blog. Avoid keyword stuffing. If you write a detailed post with useful information, including keywords should come naturally, but it’s something to be mindful of. Remember you are writing for humans and not machines (search engines).

3. Link To Other Well-Written Blogs

The goal of your blog is to provide the reader with the information they need. It may sound counterintuitive, but including a link to your blog to relevant information on another website is good for SEO. What’s even better is writing content worthy of another site linking to it. This strategy is called Link Building. Here’s How To Link-Build Like A Champion.

4. Post Content Regularly

Following the above ways to optimize your blog for SEO is a great start. The final tip is to do them as often as you can. To reach the first page in search engines, you’ll need a robust content marketing strategy. For companies without the resources to post content regularly, Marketing Refresh can help.

… So Here’s The Gist

Adding a blog to your companies website and optimizing it for SEO will improve visibility leading to an increase in revenue/leads. It’s simple. Post useful content weekly using keywords and links. Be a resource worthy of the first page. For help, hire Marketing Refresh.

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