3 Steps to Mastering Your Video Marketing

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You’ve seen it on social media, in the middle of your favorite TV shows, and inside multiple sales emails. Your competition is doing it, Vistage groups are recommending it, and your target audience expects it. It’s video marketing, and when done right, produces impactful results.

If your company is ready to use video marketing as a sales tool for building brand awareness, capturing leads, and increasing revenue, here’s the roadmap to follow.

Identify The Story

It doesn’t matter if your marketing is Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C), it’s all Person to Person (P2P) in the end. And people love a good story.

Before you even turn on your camera, take some time to uncover the message you want to tell your audience, where it should be told, and what you hope to achieve.

This message should be clear, concise, and quickly capture your audience’s attention.

Examples include:

  • Telling your audience how your product/service could benefit them
  • Sharing why a team member is proud to be a part of your company
  • Highlighting the experience of a satisfied customer

Produce it With Your Audience in Mind

You don’t need a whole production crew and the latest equipment to make engaging videos. In fact, some of the best marketing videos are filmed with iPhones.

What’s important is having adequate lighting, appropriate audio levels, and a person in front of the camera who’s relaxed and comfortable. Try filming in a low traffic area like a conference room for the best results.

And get your audience to act by including an obvious next step at the end of every video, such as ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Visit an Additional Resource.’

Upload, Embed and Share



Once the video is ready, upload it to your company YouTube channel. It will be compressed and easy to share on both desktop and mobile devices.

Then, embed applicable marketing videos on your website and within emails.

Finally, incorporate them into a social media content calendar and create engaging social media posts on the platforms your audience uses like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Successful video marketing requires both dedication and resources to master, but you can partner with the experts at Marketing Refresh for help. Our agency assists clients in multiple industries with marketing videos and other digital marketing services that work.

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