3 Signs Your Marketing Strategy Stinks

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3-Signs-Your-Marketing-Strategy-StinksA marketing strategy is a part of running a business. You have to attract customers to grow. At Dealer Marketing Refresh, we have decades of marketing and automotive experience and help our clients get results. Not everyone is this lucky. If your dealership is facing these harsh realities, it may be time to hire us.

#1. Your Search Rank Is Awful

Put a keyword phrase that relates to your business into a search engine. For us, one thing we would search for is ‘automotive marketing agencies Houston’. If your website isn’t on the first or second page of the search results, you can use some help.

Next, put your company’s name into a search engine and if your website isn’t one of the top 3 results, you need help now.

A smart marketing strategy requires a heavy focus on search engine optimization

#2. You Don’t Have Any Social Media Profiles

Your car dealership probably doesn’t need a Pinterest account, but you should have a Facebook and Twitter page. Take a look at our Facebook and Twitter for inspiration.

Part of a successful marketing strategy is sharing content with potential customers and being available for interaction. If you aren’t social media savvy, we can help you create and manage social media profiles as well write content for you to share.

#3 You Aren’t Closing Sales

The whole point of a marketing strategy is to increase revenue by closing sales. If your current approach isn’t providing results, something has to change. Let us uncover what it is.

… So Here’s The Gist

Creating and implementing a marketing strategy may sound simple, but marketing agencies exist for a reason. If your dealership is experiencing any of these three signs, we can help. Dealer Marketing Refresh has the experience, talent, and resources you need to fix your marketing strategy.

Contact us Today and let’s get started.

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