3 Reasons Why a Boring Blog is Good for Your Business

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There’s a classic saying that familiarity breeds contempt. Perhaps that’s how you feel about your company website, and especially your blog content.

Let me put you at ease for a moment. A blog that feels boring to you is okay! Additionally, it’s actually a sign that the content has the potential to attract prospects that qualify for your company’s solution. Consider these three reasons why.

1. Your Prospects Do Not Know Your Business Like You

As a business owner or manager, you know everything about your business. You know every aspect of every solution that your company offers inside and out. However, prospects often arrive at your website with limited or zero knowledge about your specific solutions.

Your website blog should be used to educate prospects and arm them with information to champion your solution in their company, increasing the likelihood of converting a sale. Yes, the high-level information might be basic, and even boring, but it is effective.

The key is looking at your so-called boring blog through the eyes of a brand-new person, not from your perspective having intimate knowledge of your products.

Key Takeaway: Introductory information is not equivalent to boring. While the contents may not be new to you, as long as it’s delivered in an engaging and informative way, it will not be boring to an audience of buyers.

2. Key Parties Need to Quickly Access Information

Another common misconception of a “boring blog” is one that provides easy access to key information. A blog that gets straight to the point could be the difference between converting a sale and losing a prospect to a competitor.

Consider this scenario: your top salesperson is on the phone with a prospect and needs to share relevant, high-level information about your solution. While on the phone, your salesperson can quickly lead the prospect to this information on your blog and guide the prospect through a discussion of the key points.

In the scenario, your salesperson has a brief window to keep the prospect interested. Having information readily available on your blog allows the prospect to quickly engage and increase their interest in your solution.

Key Takeaway: Concise straightforward answers are sometimes more effective than elaborate bells and whistles. Create the right content that is optimized for user experience.

3. A “Boring” Business Blog Can Be Good for Search Engines

Think of your website blog as the front door of your business. Every prospect that walks through the door falls into the category of either being a potential customer that you should lead through the buyer’s journey or a person who does not qualify for your solution.

Your business needs to attract the first category of prospects in the awareness phase who know nothing about your business. At this stage, they are looking for introductory information and don’t even know to seek you out.

Why is this important? Search results. The more relevant your content is for your target audience, the more likely that the ideal buyer will find your website and enter the front door. Your content should be direct and basic (a.k.a. boring to you) to achieve a strategic goal of attracting ideal prospects at the top of the sales funnel to contact your company for more information about your solution.

Consider this point from a recent Forbes article:

“The biggest problem with rushing people through the funnel is that most of them are unqualified or unearned. Earned sales occur after moving a customer through the process by supplementing your meetings and sales pitches with informative content.”

Key Takeaway: Don’t assume that everyone who enters your website is an expert. Providing materials for users at all stages of the buyer’s journey means that you may have some “basic” content, but it also ensures no one falls through the cracks.

How Can Marketing Refresh Support Your Boring Business Blog?

Marketing Refresh supports a variety of businesses that need to create content to attract other businesses. We specialize in B2B and B2C blog content for companies in key industries such as accounting, human resources, oil & gas, energy, automotive, healthcare, consulting services, and more.

Through our collaborative approach, we take the time to understand the intersection of your company’s needs and your customers’ desires. We develop a buyer’s journey to target your ideal prospects, tailor blog content to attract prospects to your website, and continuously refine our marketing approach.

So don’t worry if your blog is a little boring to you at times. You are not your target market! The goal of a blog is to educate and convert prospects into customers.

Contact our digital marketing agency today to get started on supporting your company with blog content that delivers real results.

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