3 Content Marketing Trends That Are Uniquely Texas

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On the Friday before the start of each year’s Houston Rodeo, there is an uncommon sight on Houston’s city streets.

Once per year, vehicles all across Houston give way to trailriders and livestock on the roads leading to NRG Stadium. For out-of-towners, there is curiosity seeing this mix of the city and country. For business owners and managers late for a meeting, there could be a little frustration. For regular folks, it’s just Texas.

Similarly, there are significant opportunities to market your business by tapping into the unique personality of Texas. Even if you are a B2B software company that wants to be professional and buttoned-up in your dealings with other companies, there are ways to think differently about marketing your company or solution to reach your target audience without compromising your message.

The key is understanding which content marketing trends apply to your company, fit within the parameters of your content marketing strategy, and allow you to show off a little personality that enhances your brand.

Which Content Marketing Trends Work for Your Business?

Business is about relationships — customers and prospects want to know they can trust the people they are doing business with. Additionally, statistics show that your audience is more likely to engage with your business if they can see real people behind the brand.

With that in mind, consider utilizing these content marketing trends to draw in new customers to your B2C business or create new business opportunities for your B2B company.

1. Texans Love Events & Entertainment

One of the most well-known private business marketers in Texas is Mattress Mack, who has linked his furniture store to major sporting events, galas, business trends, and other timely events throughout his company’s history. His unique persona and his position as a distinguished business leader has essentially become his differentiator from competitors.

An important content marketing trend to take note of is linking your brand to events and entertainment in Texas that show a similar involvement in your community. Consider these examples for both B2C and B2B companies.

A few ideas for inspiration:

  • B2C Company: Create an email campaign inviting your customers to take a photo at the rodeo and reward the best photo with a special discount or offer.
  • B2B Company: Post a blog highlighting your team’s latest get-together at a trendy Texas event in your area.
  • B2C Company: Create a social media campaign presenting your product like a person “attending” a sporting event or buzzworthy local event.
  • B2B Company: Create an email campaign inviting your prospects to join you for a special corporate event at a baseball or basketball game.

2. Texans Also Love to Eat

There is a lot of value in capturing your team breaking bread together — especially in Texas. A compelling team photo or video tells a story about family, relationship, and conversation that you want your audience to be part of.

An effective tool in your content marketing strategy should be social media posts or a blog that captures the familial aspect of your business. And, it invites your customers and prospects to join in your work family by doing business together.

The key is knowing how to take advantage of the various food options in Texas to send a very strong message to your audience.

A few ideas for inspiration:

  • If you are marketing toward high-end businesses or C-Suite decision-makers, post a photo or blog of your team eating at an upscale restaurant that conveys a message of importance and status.
  • If you are looking to reach a more general audience, then show your team enjoying BBQ together in a relaxed setting at a trendy local restaurant.

It comes down to knowing your audience and sending the right message about your brand in a personal, Texan way.

3. Use a Landmark to Draw in Your Audience

Virtually every city in Texas has a unique landmark that the locals know about. Whether it’s the “We (heart) Houston” sign in Houston, Dealey Plaza in Dallas, the “I Love You So Much” mural in Austin, or the Magnolia Silos in Waco, every city has a spot.

Take an opportunity to step out of your office or business location and capture your product, service, or team in front of a local landmark. Then, create content that highlights your adventure and engages your audience.

A few ideas for inspiration:

  • If you run a local gym, host a workout session in front of a popular landmark or sign in your neighborhood. Then, create social media posts or a blog that captures the event. Or, draft an email campaign encouraging your list of contacts to join you for the next session.
  • If you need marketing ideas for your car dealership, consider driving a popular vehicle from your lot to a local landmark, then snap photos or create a video highlighting the vehicle’s features. Instead of using the same old backdrop of your car dealership showroom floor, display the vehicle in a unique Texas setting to appeal to customers.
  • For B2B companies, continue to focus on your team. Capture your team in front of a Texas landmark wearing matching suits, spelling out your company name, or highlighting a key employee. Then, create content that explains the significance of the photo or video to connect with your prospects and customers.

Marketing Refresh Can Help Apply Trends to Your Business

Marketing Refresh stays on top of the latest content marketing trends to find new ways to extend the reach of our clients’ message to prospects and customers.

After working with your company to develop a foundational content marketing strategy, we can strategize ways to show off your personality. Whether it’s a social media post about a timely sporting event in Texas or a blog post about your company outing to see Hamilton, we will work with your team to develop the right mix of content to support your brand.

Within our collaborative process, we have copywriting, social media, and visual media capabilities to highlight your product, service, or company in a unique Texas setting to engage your audience.

Find out more about the services we offer to clients, including implementing the latest content marketing trends to drive business growth. We look forward to hearing from you!

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