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The Real Roi Of Social MediaThe ROI of social media isn’t always easy to measure. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be used as sales tools, but don’t expect a boost in revenue from these platforms alone. Social media is only a small part of the overall content marketing strategy designed to drive traffic and assist in closing leads.

What does matter is that social media is part of our daily routine and is growing in popularity. Companies in every industry are creating accounts and joining the conversation. It’s reached a point where not being active on social media can actually hurt your business.

Let’s take a step back. If social media doesn’t have a set ROI attached, why are companies spending money on it?

The Value of Visibility

You could go to every tradeshow in North America and still not create the visibility that social media provides. In fact, Facebook alone has a network of over 1.23 billion active users. With dedicated social media management your company has the opportunity to reach potential customers, stay current in the marketplace, educate about your offering, and help manage your reputation through engagement.

The Value of Engagement

Social media allows your company to join the conversation and makes your brand more approachable. If done right, users will leave the social platform and visit your website to learn more. Once there they can be converted to sales.

The Value of Authenticity

With the noise and the popularity of content marketing, there has to be a differentiator to help your company stand out. And the differentiator for most consumers is authenticity. They want to interact with a company that isn’t always shoving sales copy down their throat. Social media gives you a forum to highlight your company’s personality and connect with your target on a deeper level.

The Bottom Line

Most of us think of ROI as a return on investment. And in many facets of business that is what you’re concerned with.

However, in the social media world we live in today the investment you’re making in a social media strategy isn’t driven necessarily by an immediate monetary return. It’s driven by the risk of inactivity.

If you’re not on social media you won’t get the visibility. And visibility drives engagement and opens the door for authenticity.

If you want to know more about how an impactful social media strategy can impact your business…Contact Us Today!

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