How to Promote Your Business Page on LinkedIn

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Promote Your Business Page On Linkedin


In recent years, LinkedIn has become the new booming platform for professionals who want to share insights from their industry. While sharing insights can be fun, that’s not where it has to stop! Your LinkedIn Business Page could become an integral part of your marketing strategy and a great way to engage with potential leads and build a strong reputation in your industry.

Wondering how to promote your business page on LinkedIn? Here are a few tips and items you should consider when promoting your business on LinkedIn.

Content is Key

Creating unique content is an organic way to show your company is an active industry leader. Weekly social media posts written about company updates, informational How-tos, sales promotions, etc., can generate brand awareness in your network.

Long-form blog content posted as a LinkedIn Pulse can draw readers who want to learn more about your industry and your personal insider perspective.

Creating content to share on all platforms brings in potential customers who want more information and persuades them to consider your business.

Become the Face of the Business

Make your company more personable by putting a face to its name! Sharing company Linkedin posts to your personal profile, sending connection requests to industry professionals, and actively conversing with your industry network are all great ways to strengthen your brand’s overall Linkedin presence.

Not only will your personal Linkedin connections be more intrigued with what you have to share, but you’ll be able to promote your business to your audience subtly.

Good-Ole Advertising

Of course, the most surefire way to get in front of a large targeted audience is through LinkedIn Advertising. Your brand can set up multiple paid ad campaigns that cater to different customer segments.

Depending on your ultimate goal of generating brand awareness, customer consideration, or business leads, advertising on LinkedIn can be a great way to promote your business page.

Ask the Experts

As your brand weighs its options on how best to leverage Linkedin, leave it up to the marketing experts! Marketing agencies know the best practices and industry tips and tricks to create a custom marketing strategy just for your business.

Marketing Refresh is an award-winning national marketing agency serving multi-industry clients since 2009. We’re here for you, so you don’t have to learn the ins and outs of marketing from a Google search! We can help promote your company on Linkedin whether that’s by sharing industry news on your personal LinkedIn, creating long-form blog content and social media update posts, or by creating a targeted LinkedIn ads campaign. You’ll be in great hands, contact us today.


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