• best places to shoot marketing videos in houston

    The Best Places to Shoot a Marketing Video in Houston

    There’s no denying that video has become a valuable marketing tool to increase brand awareness and social media engagement — visual storytelling is a powerful medium. Every brand has a story, and shooting a marketing video is a great way to tell it. The focus of today’s blog is “home-field advantage” for video in Houston. […]

  • Why Your Business Needs to Invest in Professional Video

    Why Your Business Needs to Invest in Professional Video

    Many business owners are excited about the idea of using video to increase engagement, drive sales, and tell their stories to potential new customers. The question is: What technology should you use to achieve this objective? Video technology has advanced to where anyone with a smartphone can record high-quality HD video. A handheld video is […]

  • 3 Reasons Why a Boring Blog is Good for Your Business

    3 Reasons Why a Boring Blog is Good for Your Business

    There’s a classic saying that familiarity breeds contempt. Perhaps that’s how you feel about your company website, and especially your blog content. Let me put you at ease for a moment. A blog that feels boring to you is okay! Additionally, it’s actually a sign that the content has the potential to attract prospects that […]

  • searchhou ronell smith houston marketing 10x content

    A Recap of SearchHOU: Build a 10X Brand by Creating 10X Content

    Staying ahead of the curve is incredibly important when it comes to digital marketing. The landscape is constantly changing as technology gets better and smarter. For that reason, our team is passionate about attending industry-related events throughout the year. At these events, we are able to learn from other industry experts and share ideas. One […]

  • 3 Steps to Mastering Your Video Marketing

    3 Steps to Mastering Your Video Marketing

    You’ve seen it on social media, in the middle of your favorite TV shows, and inside multiple sales emails. Your competition is doing it, Vistage groups are recommending it, and your target audience expects it. It’s video marketing, and when done right, produces impactful results. If your company is ready to use video marketing as […]

  • The Best Content Strategies Are Taken

    The Best Content Strategies Are Taken

    Think Beyoncé, not Liam Neeson. If you like a content strategy, then you should put a ring on it. Nothing says long-term commitment like a ring. And for marketing results, long-term is the only option. Want to know how Marketing Refresh creates, implements and manages long-term content strategies? Here’s how. The First Date: Meet Mr. […]

  • 5 Copywriting Truths You Won’t Believe

    5 Copywriting Truths You Won’t Believe

    Don’t flip through copywriting books or go past the 3rd page of Google. In one blog post, you’ll learn the secrets industry professionals have been hesitant to share. I’m not allowed to give away the farm unless you hire Marketing Refresh, but keep reading to uncover the information I’ve been approved to provide. 1. How […]

  • Making A Marketer - Marketing Refresh Housotn Digital Agency

    Making A Marketer

    This real-life thriller puts you in the interrogation room with Detective Terri Hoffman as she attempts to get a confession from the suspected H-town Marketing Maniac. Did he do it? Making A Marketer parallels the popular Making A Murderer. Thriller, Drama 1 min 42 sec. This video was scripted, shot, and edited in-house. Contact Us […]

  • Project Managing your Content Marketing Program

    If you’ve ever tried to create and implement an effective content marketing strategy you’ve quickly realized there’s a great deal of skill involved. The skill involved is often very hard for most companies to find because although they have the industry knowledge, they often lack the insight into best practices and strategy that an experienced […]




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