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    Is Content Syndication A Good Strategy?

    Creating content is no small feat – especially when you consider how much time is spent factoring in your goals, your resources, and using them to develop your business’ content strategy. Now, when you think about creating content for multiple sites or channels, the time that you could spend focusing on content grows exponentially. With […]

  • Google Veterans Attribute: A New Way to Distinguish Your Small Business

    For small businesses looking to stand out in search results, getting ranked by Google is just one part of the battle. The next half of the battle is actually getting prospects and customers to click on your link. Fortunately for small businesses that are led by veterans, Google has made it easier to help you […]

  • How Does Holiday Marketing Fit Into a B2B Strategy?

    Many B2B companies shy away from holiday marketing, reserving that approach for B2C companies that target consumers who are looking for great deals around certain holidays. Unfortunately, that mentality can lead to missed opportunities. While B2B holiday marketing is challenging, especially because you are talking to multiple decision-makers at various levels of your prospect company, […]

  • Make Blogging Work For Your Houston Business

    I believe strongly in the power of effective blogs to generate new leads and customers for businesses. There is simply no substitute for a good piece of content engaging your target audience and compelling them to take action. Unfortunately, too many Houston businesses are missing out on this opportunity to grow their business. You might […]

  • 3 Smart Ways to Use Seasonal Marketing on Your Blog

    3 Smart Ways to Use Seasonal Marketing on Your Blog

    One of the predominant schools of thought in content marketing is that every blog on your website should be evergreen — in other words, be relevant to the reader year-round. While evergreen blogs are an essential part of an effective content marketing strategy, you should also consider a seasonal marketing approach, utilizing blogs that target […]

  • Does Content Marketing Have the Power to Generate New Business Opportunities

    Marketing Minute: Does Content Marketing Have the Power to Generate New Business Opportunities?

    As a digital marketing agency, we are often asked by business owners if content truly has the power to generate new business opportunities. The answer is yes! The secret is having a goal-oriented content marketing strategy. First, it is important to answer the common question of what is content marketing? Content marketing is a strategic […]

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    3 Content Marketing Trends That Are Uniquely Texas

    On the Friday before the start of each year’s Houston Rodeo, there is an uncommon sight on Houston’s city streets. Once per year, vehicles all across Houston give way to trailriders and livestock on the roads leading to NRG Stadium. For out-of-towners, there is curiosity seeing this mix of the city and country. For business […]

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    Is Your Small Business Making One of These 7 Common Content Marketing Mistakes?

    Running a small business is a uniquely rewarding and challenging endeavor that requires your full attention as the owner or manager. This entity requires strategy, planning, problem-solving, research, and knowledge of your customers to generate revenue and grow. Because of how deeply invested you are in, that’s why 75 percent of small business owners say […]

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    The Best Places to Shoot a Marketing Video in Houston

    There’s no denying that video has become a valuable marketing tool to increase brand awareness and social media engagement — visual storytelling is a powerful medium. Every brand has a story, and shooting a marketing video is a great way to tell it. The focus of today’s blog is “home-field advantage” for video in Houston. […]




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