We’re Finalists for the 2023 AMA Crystal Awards

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Marketing Refresh, A B2B Digital Marketing Agency, Is A Finalist For Several 2023 Ama Crystal Awards


We cannot wait for the 2023 AMA Crystal Awards, which celebrates the very best in marketing from around Houston over the past year.

Marketing Refresh was a finalist in five categories. And, we were the only finalist in one category, so we know for sure we are taking home a Crystal Award this year!

During the awards ceremony on May 18th, we’ll find out if we take home additional hardware in recognition of our efforts from the past year in providing top-notch digital marketing services to our clients.

Our Award Submissions: The Data Speaks For Itself

One of the reasons why we love the Crystal Awards so much is the judges rely on results and metrics to evaluate each award submission. As a data-driven digital marketing agency, we look forward to every opportunity to use data to capture how we’ve supported our clients.

Take a look at the categories we’re nominated for. Each submission tells a great story about the power of digital marketing to help businesses generate more leads and grow their business.

  • Paid Search Campaign: Large (over $10,000)
  • Paid Search Campaign: Medium ($1,000 – $10,000)
  • SEO
  • Blog
  • Website: Most Improved

1. Paid Search Campaign: Large (over $10,000)​​

We enjoy working with National Signs, a leading provider of interior and exterior signage for businesses, corporations, and organizations throughout Texas. Coming out of the pandemic, the sales team was not getting leads from their website, and they needed to refill the pipeline.

We utilized Google Search ads to reach their target audience and generate leads. The objective of our campaign was to increase leads, decrease the cost per lead, and support their revenue recovery efforts. We created and implemented the paid search campaign in 2020 and 2021, then really ramped up our efforts in 2022 by scaling the program and improving efficiency.

The 2022 results:

  • 127% YOY growth in leads
  • 7.91% YOY decrease in cost per click

2. Paid Search Campaign: Medium ($1,000 – $10,000)

We know we will be walking away from the Crystal Awards with a victory in this category! We are the only finalist for a medium-sized paid search campaign for our work supporting Luxury Event Trailers, a division of Texas Outhouse.

Texas Outhouse rents portable restrooms and trailers for use at construction sites and outdoor venues throughout Houston. They launched a new brand, Luxury Event Trailers, to help grow their luxury trailer business for events such as weddings and special events.

We created Google Search and display ads to generate leads for the sales team and raise awareness for their relatively new brand in the market. The Paid Search program for LET helped generate new rental opportunities for the sales team.

The 2022 results:

  • 88.42% YOY increase in leads
  • 13.6% YOY decrease in cost per lead

3. SEO

We have supported Blair Parker and her family law office in South Texas since the middle of 2020. It’s been amazing to see the growth of the firm, which has now expanded to a multi-partner firm renamed as Parker & Aguilar.

Blair wanted to build her organic presence for target keyword searches and grow to the point that she could bring on a new partner. We implemented a new SEO and content strategy program to help Blair achieve her goals.

Our objective was to create a professional and modern brand, build an SEO-focused website that was optimized for target keywords, speed, and performance, and position Blair as a premier thought leader and expert in Texas family law matters.

After implementing and refining the organic digital marketing program in 2020 and 2021, we saw massive results in 2022.

The 2022 results:

  • 241% increase in organic website users
  • 186% growth in keyword rankings YOY
  • 71% increase in website leads 
  • 4,011 Featured Snippets in search
  • 112% Growth in Local Pack Listings

4. Blog

We are also a finalist for a Crystal Award in the blog category for our work supporting Blair Parker. One of the key aspects of our SEO program for Blair was building up her credibility as a family law attorney by launching a blog built on thought leadership content.

Prior to launching the blog, Blair’s website only ranked for branded keywords related to her name. Because family law is a highly competitive market, our strategy was to focus on important industry keywords related to family law. We regularly produced fresh blog content to grow her online presence and attract new clients to use her family law services.

Our objective was to increase website traffic, add a depth and breadth of content that positioned Blair as an experienced and credible family law attorney, and deliver a consistent source of leads through the website. The blog strategy matured in 2022 and delivered amazing results.

The 2022 results:

  • 91.18% of website traffic landed on blog content
  • 72 blogs planned, written, approved, and published in 2022
  • 441 contact forms filled out on the website in 2022

5. Website: Most Improved

In the financial services sector, we supported an emerging business solutions provider, Finlyte, that has twice been named an Oracle NetSuite Partner of the Year. Finlyte offers customized solutions to implement the NetSuite ERP platform, provide outsourced accounting services, and deliver business process outsourcing (BPO) services.

To truly capture their presence in the market, it was time for a refreshed website! The leadership team needed to update the branding, content, and performance of their website to build credibility with their prospects and provide support for sales prospecting.

We designed a modern website that matches the market expectations for a tech company in the financial services industry, created content to represent the value proposition for target markets and buyer personas, increased their website traffic from organic search, and presented a clear pathway on the website for prospects to connect with the sales team.

The 2022 results:

  • 803% YOY increase in website pageviews
  • 765% YOY increase in organic website traffic
  • 162% YOY growth in keyword rankings

Ready to Deliver Results for Your Company

The five categories we are nominated for in the 2023 AMA Crystal Awards are just a sample of the digital marketing programs we’ve implemented for our clients.

Whether your company needs a new website, refreshed branding, paid search optimization, an SEO program, lead generation support, or other digital marketing services, we have you covered!

Get in touch with us today to start a conversation about how we can support the growth of your company. Let’s talk about your business objectives and goals so we can develop a program that delivers award-winning results!

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