Video Marketing Helps Increase Website Traffic

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Fair warning!  This blog post includes lots of interesting statistics!!

Did you know that 100 million Internet users watch video every day?

In 2010, an Implix email marketing survey found that including a video in an introductory email increased the click-through rate by 96%. That’s nearly twice as many people clicking through to your website when you include a video in your marketing emails.

75% percent of executives told Forbes that they watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week. The results breakdown:

  • 50% watch business-related videos on YouTube
  • 65% visit the marketer’s website after viewing a video

Bottom line: Using video marketing as part of your overall marketing communications plan will help you reach a large audience, and improve your ability to attract visitors to your website.

When launching a new service area, product or offering to the market, a video can help you efficiently educate viewers about the value you provide and what you want to accomplish.

In the case of our client Soldiers For Faith, they wanted to explain to young men that while pop culture media like music, movies and TV shows try to show them that the only way to happiness is through buying expensive clothes, cars and getting lots of women; that they will only find true happiness by building a strong relationship with God.

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