The Marketing Minute: How to Squash Bad Leads!

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We are excited to share the first installment of our new Marketing Refresh video series, the “Marketing Minute.” In this monthly series, we will discuss a hot marketing topic in 60 seconds or less. We found there is a lot of interest in digestible videos that quickly answer the most common questions we get as marketers each day—and we aim to please!

I am kicking the series off with a topic that I am passionate about: squashing the source of bad leads which typically result from poor communication between Sales and Marketing.

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It’s the fear of every Marketing and Sales organization: the idea of a bad lead.

Now, as a marketer, I cannot buy into the concept that there is such a thing as a bad lead, only bad communication between your Marketing department and Sales organization.

The key is working on a solid and consistent feedback loop so that as leads come in over the phone and through your website, your Sales organization is quickly engaging and getting feedback that is then passed over to the Marketing team. That enables you as marketers to adjust your strategy, your messaging points, and any other part of your strategy that needs to be adjusted so that you improve the quality of the leads that are coming into your Sales team.

If you work on that partnership and improve the communication between your groups, you can squash the concept of bad leads.

Next Steps: Improve Communication Between Marketing and Sales

Unfortunately, in the real world most Marketing and Sales teams often end up operating in silos. Their interactions are brief and they do not work together toward the goal of generating revenue for the organization or clients.

The result of ineffective communication is misunderstanding. Marketing does not understand why Sales is not converting enough customers and Sales does not understand why Marketing is not generating enough quality leads.

That is why communication and dual alignment with the organization’s goals is vital to squashing bad leads!

The next steps that your teams can take are to interact in a productive manner and also align with the organization’s goals for generating revenue. This will help build communication and foster understanding of each team’s role in creating business opportunities.

Let Us Know Your Thoughts

We want to hear from you after watching the Marketing Minute. Leads are one of the most common issues that we hear from businesses of all sizes—whether the problem is getting good leads or simply getting enough leads.

Leave a reply in the Comments section to share your experience with bad leads. Did your organization find a resolution? Are you still working through a resolution?

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