Introducing Our New Creative Specialist: Jared Hinson

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Introducing Our New Creative Specialist: Jared Hinson 1

Marketing Refresh welcomes Jared Hinson to the team! Jared is taking on the role of Creative Specialist. He’ll be using his considerable writing and production experience to provide our clients with a consistent voice and polished creative assets.

Who is Jared Hinson?

Jared enjoys movies, board games, and going on hikes all around Austin, TX. He spends most of his time with his family. That family is about to get even bigger! Jared and his wife Wendi are about to welcome a new baby boy named Roland. Their daughter Samantha could not be more excited.

Above all, Jared loves stories. True or fiction, down-to-earth or fantasy, he loves them all. This might explain why he has read the entirety of the Harry Potter series aloud to his daughter, followed by Treasure Island, Peter Pan, The Jungle Book, Coraline, etc…

Experience He Can Brag About

Jared has been involved in the production industry since his first job at 17. He quickly went from a part-time camera operator at a TV station to shooting and editing his own videos. Over the past 20 plus years, he’s produced content from blogs to documentary series to industrial training videos. 

Most recently, Jared worked for the TEGNA Broadcasting Group as a Creative Services Producer. His work there included commercial production, script writing, voiceover work, and animation. During this time, he was very proud to work on an investigative journalism project that was later nominated for a Lone Star Emmy Award.

His New Role

As a Creative Specialist, Jared will work with our team to create compelling and engaging content for our clients. He will help find our clients’ voice and ensure that their stories are told consistently and with a style all their own. Welcome to the team!

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