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Introducing Our New Account Manager: Solida Chem 1

And just like that, Marketing Refresh is growing once more! 

We’d like to introduce you to Solida Chem, our newest Account Manager. At Marketing Refresh, our account managers play a crucial role in planning and executing our many projects to ensure exceptional client satisfaction. With our ever-growing team and family of amazing clients, we are so excited about how much more we’ll be able to achieve now that Solida is on board! 


Solida was born and raised in H-Town, but absolutely loves the cold. You might even think that she was a penguin in her previous life. She graduated from the University of Houston while studying both Digital Media and Entrepreneurship with a double minor in Marketing and Organizational Leadership. She currently manages a virtual startup hackathon, a lobster appreciation club, an eCommerce clothing storefront, and three fur babies. In other words, she’s a busy bee! 🐝

When she finds time to wind down, she loves to be a couch potato and play video and tabletop games, stream shows, or read Webtoons. 

Experience She Can Brag About

Solida loves to listen to people’s stories and see if there’s any way to achieve their goals by helping them carry out their ideas or connecting them with others. During her college career, she focused heavily on creative design and marketing needs before realizing that she loved to maintain the end-to-end operations of projects. She has marketing experience in a variety of industries, including entertainment, restaurants, education, gaming, fashion, and many more! 

Solida has pushed herself by joining non-profits, start-ups, and an integrated communications company, which allowed her to operate under high-stress and quick-paced environments. Working in small-knit teams has also influenced her ability to be fluid and flexible in positions to better understand how every department collaborates with one another in the most effective way. 

As a team player, she enjoys bringing new ideas to the table and organizing methods to implement them. Solida is able to assist through her remarkable organization skills and open mind to unravel and apply any form of projects to a variety of industries.

She believes that bouncing ideas off of one another is highly effective and such a fun experience! Solida is knowledgeable in the Adobe Creative Suite and loves to bring ideas to life. If you’re thinking of social media posts, print collateral, email campaigns, blogs, and more – she has your back. 💪

During the past year, Solida has worked on several passion projects and tested many trends that she has seen from social media. (She’s looking at you, TikTok…) Because of that, she now has novice experience in sewing, embroidery, and resin work. She’s always open to learning more and experimenting, so feel free to give her some ideas, too! 


Solida will collaborate with our Account Strategists and other team members to help fulfill our client’s marketing needs and objectives. She will be planning, executing, and monitoring all the steps needed to ensure your marketing projects’ timely and successful delivery. 

Marketing Refresh only strives for exceptional results, and Solida is here to work her magic. We could not be more excited to welcome yet another marketing wizard to our growing team!

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