3 Sustainable Marketing Ideas for Small Business

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3 Sustainable Marketing Ideas For Small Business 1

If you’re looking for marketing ideas for small business, we encourage you to think bigger than just searching for quick wins to generate more revenue.

The short game may lead to small, quick wins occasionally, but it doesn’t drive long-term results that continue to sustain and increase revenue over time. Unfortunately, a lack of strategy and planning is one reason why the majority of small businesses in America don’t last.

Thinking bigger, broader, and more strategically about what your business is really all about, then putting some marketing energy behind a long-term approach, is the path to sustainable business growth. Just ask our clients.

I’m going to unpack three fundamental marketing ideas for a small business to help your business achieve your goals:

  • Have a Strategy
  • Have a Clear Message
  • Have a Plan to Implement

1. Be Strategic About How You’re Marketing Your Business

I want you to think about the big picture of your business. What do you want to accomplish? What is your purpose? Who is your audience? What makes your products or services better than your competitors? What are your short-term and long-term business goals? Why do you even exist?

Take some time to really understand what you’re about, where you’re going, and how you see your business growing. Once you identify some clear lanes that you want to run in, you can get strategic about how you deploy marketing to support the growth of your small business.

Then, everything you do should fit within the strategy that you develop. Far too often, small businesses get caught up chasing the next big idea, thinking that it will grow revenue instantly. They want to put all of their marketing effort behind this idea before doing an important analysis of whether the idea fits within the company’s overall direction and the strategic marketing plan.

Go back to your strategy because this is your foundation. It is the basis for how you market your business to your customers. This fundamental marketing idea leads to the importance of how you’re communicating to your audience.

2. Communicate Clearly and Effectively to Your Customers

Communication is a critical component of small business marketing. The way you convey messages, deliver content, and present solutions to problems is part of your essence.

As part of a strategic approach, you need to develop the right messaging that supports your overall marketing strategy. Then, it would be best if you stuck with it. Consistency is key in marketing!

One day, you might have an idea that you want to be edgy, or humorous, or ironic to try to attract more customers. But, does this approach fit the overall voice of your business? Is it a good reflection of your brand? Or, would it be so off-brand that it would do more harm than good?

Go back to your foundation. When you have a set standard for how you communicate with your audience, you can ensure that you and your team members are clearly and effectively communicating with your customers in a consistent way that resonates with them. Sure, there could be opportunities to slightly pivot your message for specific campaigns or pieces of content. But, you shouldn’t deviate from your core.

Understand your core. Understand how you want to strategically communicate to your audience. And then focus your marketing efforts around making sure all communication lines up with your essence and brand. We help clients determine their voice and messaging every day through our branding and messaging strategy services!

3. Have a Plan to Execute Your Strategy

Now it’s time to move from strategy into tactics. Unfortunately, so many small businesses just want to do tactics to get those quick wins. But, you need the strategy first so that you can then execute the plan effectively and efficiently.

Your plan will guide your marketing efforts to make sure that you are effectively using your time, energy, and resources to generate leads and convert leads into sales. You don’t want to follow a scattershot approach where you are firing away without thinking through how you’re approaching and communicating with your audience.

Having a plan ensures that every marketing effort is targeted and deliberate. This way, you can manage your marketing efforts, track goals, and measure results.

Then, you’ll have a much clearer idea of how effective you are with your efforts. Otherwise, you’ll have no idea if what you’re doing is having an impact and generating revenue. Make sure you follow through on executing the plan!

Find Small Business Marketing Support From Marketing Refresh

Our digital marketing agency is built to support small businesses with a strategic marketing approach. We enjoy getting to know your business, understanding your business goals, and then creating a strategy to execute your marketing efforts.

As the content manager and senior copywriter for Marketing Refresh, I understand how important communicating your message is. That’s why we always go back to the strategy to make sure we are communicating the right way with every piece of content we put out to support your business. That’s why the foundation is so important.

Build a strong marketing foundation with our agency. We will turn marketing ideas for a small business into a strategy that supports your business for the long haul. We don’t believe in quick fixes; we believe in helping our clients achieve long-term, sustainable revenue growth through our proven lead-generating marketing programs.

Let us know how we can help your business. Contact us today to start a conversation!

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