Menucha Ossowiecki

Meet Menucha Ossowiecki

PPC Specialist

Menucha Ossowiecki is a veteran digital marketer specializing in PPC (Pay-Per-Click) online advertising. Her #1 goal for our clients is to increase conversions in their industry. She lives by the mantra that growth can happen on any budget.

When Menucha is not working or being a mom, you can find her relaxing on the beach. She is a Montessori Mama who constantly thinks about her children’s “sensitive periods” and creates works for them. She is also a woman’s health advocate and proud sourdough baker.

Organizational Involvement

Menucha is a passionate PPC Specialist who exemplifies a remarkable blend of technical proficiency and creative insight. She is involved in the industry to learn the latest trends and techniques that can help drive growth for our clients. We appreciate her commitment to staying on top of paid search trends and being a leader in this field of digital marketing.

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