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Do you really exist if your audience can’t find you online?

Internet Marketing Agency Houston


If a potential client searches for your company, a key employee, or one of your products/service areas and they don’t find your website, it’s as if you don’t exist.

An ongoing Search Engine Optimization program can help fix this issue.

We’ll lead you

through this journey.

Are people finding you online, but feel that your brand messaging doesn’t match their own perceptions?


Prospective clients should be able to clearly understand your company’s value and impact by visiting your website, reading your LinkedIn profile pages, or from reading your blog.

If it doesn’t, then we can help you develop a messaging strategy that will.


Strategic marketers focused on helping you grow your business…



Like a breath of fresh air, we create and revive marketing strategies…


community refresh heights interfaith food pantry

Community Refresh Assists The Heights Interfaith Food Pantry

As a Houston digital marketing agency, we’re blessed with the opportunity to help people daily. Our marketing strategies, management skills, and ability to create SEO-optimized...


Our Clients


A mid-size company specializing in total quality management programs for high-tech facilities modernizes their corporate website with high-impact imagery, focused copy, and a mobile-friendly/responsive user experience.



Marketing Refresh Officially Joins Greater Heights Area Chamber of Commerce

Marketing Refresh was proud to officially join the Greater Heights Area Chamber of Commerce with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday, July 6. The ceremony...


Marketing Refresh Officially Joins Greater Heights Area Chamber of Commerce
Content Strategy
James Caldwell copywriter houston texas

Meet James Caldwell – the Newest Marketing Refresh Copywriter

James “the Captain” Caldwell is the newest full-time member of the Marketing Refresh staff! James started working on a freelance basis in January 2017. Then,...



Differentiation through
content marketing

“Traditional marketing just didn’t seem to work. It wasn’t functional, and I didn’t really get that content marketing is fundamentally different, and more effective.” -Wayne O’Neill