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Request a free B2B benchmark consultation

We’ll show you the typical marketing performance of B2B manufacturing companies, how your performance compares, and where there’s room to improve.

Benchmark Consultation For B2B Manufacturing Companies 1

See how your performance compares to similar B2B manufacturing companies

In our free consultation, we’ll show you:

  • How your company’s performance compares to others by using charts like the ones displayed below.
  • Green charts that show how you’re outperforming others, so you know what’s going well.
  • Red charts that capture where there’s room for improvement and reasonable goals to set.
Benchmark Consultation For B2B Manufacturing Companies 2
Benchmark Consultation For B2B Manufacturing Companies 3
Benchmark Consultation For B2B Manufacturing Companies 4
Benchmark Consultation For B2B Manufacturing Companies 5

See what “good” looks like

Is your marketing program performing well, or is there room for improvement? For example, are your website sessions higher than others? Is your website bounce rate lower than other manufacturing firms? We’ll help you answer these questions (and more) during this free benchmark consultation.

As Certified Databox Benchmarks Partners, we host a free Benchmark Group that calculates the median, top quartile, and bottom quartile performance for B2B manufacturing firms. Members can join anonymously to see how their performance compares to the group’s.

How it works

Step 1: Book a call

Book a free benchmark consultation call with our team.

Step 2: Review benchmark data

On the call, we’ll make sure your systems are connected and show you how the median manufacturing company is performing, along with the performance of top and bottom performers.

Step 3: Discuss opportunities for improvement

The data will show areas where you are under-performing and also what performance is possible if you tweak your strategy to be more like the top performers in the group. Based on our experience helping manufacturing companies optimize the performance of their marketing programs, we can make suggestions on how to improve your results.

Book a free consultation call

Book a free call, or join our Marketing Metrics for B2B Manufacturing Companies benchmark group to explore it yourself.


No one else can see your company’s specific data. You cannot see any other company’s specific data either. Databox’s Benchmark Groups software anonymizes your performance data and then calculates the benchmarks. Your company’s data remains fully anonymous.

No, as a Databox Partner, we’re able to offer it to you totally free.

You can opt-out anytime and remove your company’s data from the system.

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