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    3 Easy Ways to Make Video for Social Media

    If you haven’t noticed in the past few years that social media is quickly becoming the king platform for advertising, then you may want to come out from under that rock from which you’ve been hiding. As crazy as it may seem, in a little over a decade, digital marketing has been completely turned upside […]

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    2019 Trend: Try Localized Social Marketing to Reach Local Customers

    If your business targets local customers with your products and services, then you likely know about the importance of local search engine optimization (SEO). Focusing on local SEO ensures that your business profile is cleaned up, managed, and accessible for nearby customers searching in their web browser. But, what about local social media marketing? This […]

  • The 5 C’s of B2B Social Media Success

    There’s a common misconception that social media is only for sharing photos of your dog, complaining about the temperature of the political environment, ❤️ing delicious food photos, and memes. While all of these things are absolutely happening on the various social platforms, they’re not the only conversations. While B2C social media is certainly popular (i.e. […]

  • New LinkedIn Features to Support Your Business

    LinkedIn recently introduced new features to help businesses stand out on the social media platform, better engage their audience, and generate website traffic. These welcome additions to LinkedIn are valuable for any business and should be immediately utilized: Custom Call-to-Action (CTA) Button Company Tagline Content Suggestions How Can A Business Use Each New LinkedIn Feature? […]

  • Optimizing Video for Social Media

    60 Seconds or Less?: Optimizing Video for Social Media

    Social media, and specifically the technology that drives social media, has come a long way in the last few years, clearing a path for what has now become the new age of online video. However, unlike the golden age of cinema in the 1930’s, when new audio and filming technologies brought an end to silent […]

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    Facebook’s New “Keyword Snooze” Feature

    Tired of seeing TV spoilers when you aren’t able to watch your shows live or rants from your Great Aunt Mildred about the politician she’s opposed to? You’re in luck! Yesterday, Facebook started testing a new feature that will allow users to snooze certain keywords, phrases, and users themselves. Here is what you need to […]

  • How the Cambridge Analytica Scandal Will Affect Your Small Business

    How the Cambridge Analytica Scandal Will Affect Your Small Business

    You’ve probably seen the news – it has been pretty much everywhere. The Facebook and Cambridge Analytica Scandal is heating up and things are not looking good for the social media powerhouse. Starting this week, Facebook users are starting to find out if they were among the 87 million users whose information was compromised for […]

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    How to Prioritize Social Media Platforms for Your Business

    As digital marketers we are often questioned about social media platforms. Business owners wonder what platforms they should be on and how best to use them. They are also usually excited and want to be on every platform without realizing that not every platform is the best fit for their company. You need to carefully […]

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    Our Creative Director Takes Over Instagram

    Hi! Hello! Guten tag! Как дела! Just your friendly Marketing Refresh Creative Director here. My name is David, and I am taking over our Instagram this week. Hopefully, you will tune in to my daily posts about the many faces of design and how it all ties into our approach to marketing. This blog will […]




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