• creative director instagram takeover

    Our Creative Director Takes Over Instagram

    Hi! Hello! Guten tag! Как дела! Just your friendly Marketing Refresh Creative Director here. My name is David, and I am taking over our Instagram this week. Hopefully, you will tune in to my daily posts about the many faces of design and how it all ties into our approach to marketing. This blog will […]

  • You Can Now Schedule Instagram Posts .. and Other Instagram News!

    You Can Now Schedule Instagram Posts … and Other Instagram News!

    Social media managers all over the world have had a reason to celebrate this past week. Instagram has made several substantial changes, and we are living for all of them. Most importantly, Instagram finally has given users the ability to schedule Instagram posts. With the new Instagram scheduling API and Facebook’s algorithm change, Instagram is […]

  • Instagram Just Made Our #Hashtag Dreams Come True

    Today Instagram completely changed the game. Instagram has always been THE social network for following influencers and creators, but they just stepped it up a notch. As of today, Instagram users can follow hashtags as they do users – thus making the user experience on Instagram more personalized than ever before. So what does this […]

  • The Conspiracy Behind the McDonald’s Black Friday Tweet Fail

    The Conspiracy Behind the McDonald’s Black Friday Tweet Fail

    It is always entertaining to see social media fails – especially from large corporate brands. Seeing someone else misuse the internet is funny – but also a little tragic when you look at it from a marketing perspective. As marketers, we take digital marketing and online presence very seriously. Everything that we post for our […]

  • using social media to attract and retain customers stat of search recap

    The Secret of Using Social Media to Attract and Retain Customers: A Recap from State of Search

    As we mentioned last month, members of our team often attend industry events to gather knowledge and make new connections. We occasionally are chosen to speak at the events, which is a huge honor for us and we love to do it! Speaking gives us the opportunity to share some things that we’ve learned – […]

  • twitter 140 vs 280

    How the MR Team Feels About Twitter’s New Character Count

    If you follow marketing closely, you have likely seen the latest news from Twitter. They have rolled out a new test giving some certified users the ability to tweet with 280 characters instead of the 140 to which we’ve all become accustomed. Twitter stated that they originally kept the character limit to 140 to keep […]

  • Social Media Wardrobe: 3 Platforms To Show Off Your Brand

    Social Media Wardrobe: 3 Platforms To Show Off Your Brand

    Social media is no longer a fad. It’s here to stay, and opting out makes your brand less credible. While you don’t need to tweet as often as a teenage girl, having a presence online is mandatory. Brands looking to implement social media into their marketing plan will benefit from this high level overview of the […]

  • The Real ROI of Social Media

    The Real ROI of Social Media

    The ROI of social media isn’t always easy to measure. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be used as sales tools, but don’t expect a boost in revenue from these platforms alone. Social media is only a small part of the overall content marketing strategy designed to drive traffic and assist in closing leads. What does […]

  • Are You ‘In?’ Lessons why you and your company should be on LinkedIn

    We often discuss with our clients how social media can improve their business positioning. Many people think that LinkedIn is a place that allows them to publish their job responsibilities and aid in a job search, but nothing more. In reality, LinkedIn is a tool that can be used in many ways. TO KEEP YOU […]




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