My Refreshing Summer Twist Comes to an End

Summers in Houston are always bittersweet. I come home, see my family, experience exciting moments, and when summer ends, UF calls me back to Gainesville. But this year, I am especially thrilled to start my senior year of college after having accumulated an immense amount of skills throughout my summer internship with Marketing Refresh.

I used to think that internships were about getting your boss coffee, and if you were lucky, you could get the chance to learn a thing or two about what your career could be like.

Even though I made a pot of coffee here and there, my internship with Marketing Refresh couldn’t have been further from that stereotype.

Family Feel

There were always friendly faces in the office and I was quickly welcomed into the bustling agency life. There was always something going on, whether it was a team meeting, a client meeting, scheduling, video shooting or project planning- which meant there was always something for me to learn.

Although this was not my first internship, I had never been a part of a digital marketing agency. Through this opportunity, I was able to gain knowledge about the structure of an agency and how to cultivate relationships with many different clients in a professional and successful manner. I was also able to hone in on my writing skills while organizing and co-copywriting our agency’s portfolio project, writing blog posts for our clients and learning how to complete a press release.

New Skills

When it came to media posting and online success, I learned how to properly configure blog settings for increased views and appearances in search results while understanding the process of search engine optimization and the importance of online keywords. A few other types of projects I had the chance to work on:

  • Scheduling and creating social media posts
  • Conducting industry research for our clients’ blogs and social posts
  • Editing content calendars
  • Working on lead generation campaigns
  • Sitting in on client meetings, which helped me experience the account side of advertising

Big Thanks!

All of these experiences culminated in a widened perspective on company organization and proper client communication. I am extremely grateful to have had this opportunity and although I am leaving Texas, Marketing Refresh has left me with the valuable knowledge I know I will carry throughout the rest of my career.

I would love to thank Terri, Katy, Lindsay, Aaron and all the Marketing Refresh family for making this an unforgettable summer with so much growth!

Allie Jackson

written by...

Allie Jackson

Allie is currently a senior at the University of Florida in the process of earning a Bachelor's Degree in Advertising, with a minor is Spanish and a focus on International Communications.Allie loves getting to know people as well as going to the beach, hiking and discovering new coffee shops in her free time!

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