• amanda huse

    The Start of a New Journey

    My four years as a college student finally came to an end this past May. The internships, classes, and professors helped mold and shape me into the person I am today. All the knowledge I gained in college brought me to the pivotal point in my life where I now begin to embark on my […]

  • James Caldwell senior copywriter

    We Have Exciting News About One of Our Team Members!

    It’s not every day that copywriters are front and center. Copywriting is a behind the scenes job and it’s not always the most glamorous. But it’s a lot of hard work — especially in an agency — wherein any given day you are alternating between eight or ten different voices, business objectives, and messaging strategies. […]

  • Marketing Refresh 2019 Kickoff

    Team Kickoff: Why We Are Excited for 2019!

    On a brisk Wednesday night in Houston, Texas, the Marketing Refresh team gathered together for our 2019 kickoff dinner. It was a time of celebration and reflection at Spanish Village restaurant, one of our favorite clients. During the dinner, our team was asked to share what they are most looking forward to in 2019. The […]

  • Announcing Our New Team Members

    Marketing Refresh is proud to announce that we have added two experienced team members to our digital marketing agency. Tiffany McArthur returns to our agency in the role of Account Manager. Additionally, our long-time graphic design partner, Rebecca Lefebvre, has joined our team full-time as an Art Director. Tiffany McArthur Brings Valuable Digital Marketing Experience […]

  • My Refreshing Summer Twist Comes to an End

    Summers in Houston are always bittersweet. I come home, see my family, experience exciting moments, and when summer ends, UF calls me back to Gainesville. But this year, I am especially thrilled to start my senior year of college after having accumulated an immense amount of skills throughout my summer internship with Marketing Refresh. I used […]

  • Professionally Refreshed: My Experience as an Intern

    While this summer has gone by fast, it feels like there was a lot that I learned within such a short period of time. Some things were expected, but others were not. Regardless, I feel as though there was not a moment wasted when it came to my professional development. I was prepared to take […]

  • Allie Jackson

    A Refreshing Twist: My New Internship

    I have always been the hands-on type of person. Experiencing new things and giving opportunities my all is something I have always loved doing. I believe the perfect opportunity for diving into professional life is an internship. Getting experience working for real-time clients and real-time companies is extremely valuable for growth. Working for Marketing Refresh […]

  • christian at work

    Going In Fresh: My Expectations as an Intern

    Throughout the course of an internship, you want to feel as though you’re not only learning the tricks of the trade, but that you’re learning the skills that will help you develop as a professional. While there is a lot that can be taught in a classroom, some lessons require some personal experience – whether […]

  • 2018 crystal awards submission national signs feature

    Crystal Awards 2018: Marketing Refresh Proud of Our Campaign for National Signs

    The team at Marketing Refresh was proud to show off our client work for National Signs at the 2018 Crystal Awards presented by AMA Houston. This gathering of Houston’s top marketers is the largest marketing award show in Texas with over 600 marketing professionals represented from top industries. At this year’s event, our marketing agency […]




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