A Refreshing Twist: My New Internship

Allie JacksonI have always been the hands-on type of person. Experiencing new things and giving opportunities my all is something I have always loved doing. I believe the perfect opportunity for diving into professional life is an internship. Getting experience working for real-time clients and real-time companies is extremely valuable for growth. Working for Marketing Refresh in a professional environment is exactly what I have been looking for to expand my skills and refresh my mind.

What I Hope To Learn:

As an incoming senior at the University of Florida studying Advertising with a Spanish minor and a focus in International Communications, I have learned so much about strategy in advertising campaigns and how important organization is to thrive. Planning and organization have always been my forte and I am hoping to put my skills to use and broaden my knowledge on how to execute a plan successfully. As a Program Coordinating Intern, I hope to learn more about management and organization within an agency. Although I have been an intern in an office, I have not been part of an agency before. I hope to learn more about managing clients and what it takes to form mutually beneficial and positive relationships with clients. I also hope to learn more over the power of social media and digital marketing and how it can impact and benefit a project. With the growing use of digital media, I hope that my experience working with digital media as an intern will help develop more skills in that department.

What I Look Forward To:

Written on the walls of the office is “Work with intention” and that is exactly what I am looking forward to! Being Venezuelan and studying Spanish, working with the hispanic community within companies is one of my career goals. I am striving to unite the Hispanic community to our clients. I look forward to expanding Hispanic outreach and successfully targeting and connecting to the Latino community with intention. I am also very excited to help manage projects and expand my organizational skills to a more professional level. Honestly, I look forward to learning in general, challenging myself and positively contributing to Marketing Refresh. I have been craving something new and exciting in my life and I believe this internship opportunity provides the freshness I need to grow. I am very blessed to have this opportunity and I am very excited to be a part of the Marketing Refresh team.

Here’s to a summer of striving for greatness and “working with intention”!

Allie Jackson

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Allie Jackson

Allie is currently a senior at the University of Florida in the process of earning a Bachelor's Degree in Advertising, with a minor is Spanish and a focus on International Communications. Allie loves getting to know people as well as going to the beach, hiking and discovering new coffee shops in her free time!

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  1. I know that Allie will exceed everyone’s expectations at whatever she undertakes in this internship! Prepare to be amazed!

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