5 Ways Your Dealership Can Improve Its Visibility

5 Ways Your Dealership Can Improve Its VisibilityThe automotive market is fiercely competitive. To attract customers, you need to maintain an online presence to appear at the top of search results for relevant keywords.

Without using too much jargon, our automotive marketing offering has assembled the following tips to help get your dealership’s products and services in front of the right people.

1. Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

It’s standard practice for automotive groups or manufacturers to provide dealerships with templated websites featuring vehicle descriptions, service pages, or even news stories.

The problem is, many of these sites are not optimized for search engines or smartphone users.
And with over 50% of automotive website traffic coming from mobile devices, an update to make it search engine and mobile friendly is absolutely necessary.

Simple things like investing in a high-quality hosting provider, eliminating popups and outdated plugins, and reducing inventory image sizes to under 100kb can help your website better serve customers on a mobile device while impressing Google in the process.

2. Use Proper Terminology

Google and other search engines want to provide the best answer in the fastest way possible, and often they see the best answer as an exact keyword match.

Your dealership may refer to vehicles on your website as “pre-owned,” but if your target customers are searching online for “used” vehicles, then you might not show up in their search results.

Be mindful of the terms customer’s use and implement them into your website content regularly.

3. Pay Attention to Search Queries

How do you know which words customers are using in their searches?

One of the valuable resources we use to help our dealership clients understand which terms potential customers are using is Google Analytics.

This tool helps us identify which words have the highest search volume so we can produce targeted content using those particular keywords or phrases.

This plan for using keywords is referred to a keyword strategy and is something our automotive marketing offering can create for you as well.

4. Develop a Keyword Strategy

Start by researching the competition and search volume of industry related keywords using a tool such as Google Adwords or SEMrush.

Your goal is to identify which keywords have a high search volume and low competition. These are the terms you should be using in new content as well as adding to previously published content for the best results.

5. Be Consistent

Just like with a diet, if you follow a keyword and content strategy for a week you won’t see any results, but the results can be outstanding if you stick with it long term.

It may require some tweaking to uncover what works best, so be patient.
Set your dealership up for continued success by partnering with a digital marketing agency with the skill sets and experience needed to ensure your automotive marketing is reaching the right audience.

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