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Listening to your colleagues talk about using social media as part of your marketing effort, and have no idea where to begin?  Need to update or re-build your website? Just know you need more traffic to your website and more customers, but not quite sure what to do?

Marketing Refresh, founded in 2010, focuses on helping business leadership responsible for growing their companies, and either don’t have their own marketing team, or need to complement their in-house talents.  Led by Terri Hoffman, who engages specialized marketing talent on an as-needed basis, Marketing Refresh will quickly help you develop a marketing strategy and execution plan that helps you reach your goals.

Face it, as an executive or business owner, you don’t have time to do your job AND handle the marketing.

And, you’re probably not sure what you should focus on, why you should focus on it, how much time to spend on it, how to do it, etc.


We will do the heavy lifting, drive results, and in the process help you understand what we’re doing to drive results.

Terri Hoffman: Founder

Chief Puzzle Maker

Terri Hartley Hoffman founded Marketing Refresh in 2009 with the objective of helping small and medium-sized businesses market in the same league as companies with millions in their marketing budgets. By leveraging her 19 years of marketing experience and her relationships with other freelance marketing specialists, Terri is able to focus on devising financially efficient plans that drive results. Terri and her team’s experience ranges from strategic marketing planning, web development, to search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising programs (PPC), social media, email campaigns and copywriting services.  Prior to starting her own consulting business, Terri was the Director of Marketing at Omni-ID, an RFID tag start-up based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Terri also led the Account Services team at THUNDER FACTORY, an integrated marketing agency where she learned the value of building strong relationships, and listening closely to client’s needs. Terri graduated from Michigan Tech University in 1994 with a degree in Marketing, where she played for 4 years on the women’s basketball team.

Terri lives in Cypress, Texas with her husband and three daughters.  She loves to play tennis and watch football (GO PACK)!

Aaron Eaves: Search Marketing Manager

Searching for Authenticity  

Aaron Eaves Marketing RefreshAfter partnering with Marketing Refresh for three years to aid in implementation of our clients search marketing goals, Aaron Eaves became an official employee in the fall of 2014. Already familiar with our antics, he came prepared with an ability to quickly find solutions to any of our organizational woes, while continuing to provide our clients with website management and increasing their Search Engine rankings.

Aaron is also involved with the Houston Interactive Marketing Association (HiMA) where he serves on the board as the Marketing Chair. As if he was not fully entrenched in all things marketing, he also is the co-founder of a local search marketing group in Houston, SearchHOU, where marketing professionals meet monthly to share knowledge, experiments and tactics.

When Aaron isn’t geeking out over SEO and project management, he’s geeking out over scuba diving, soccer (let’s go Dynamo!), cycling, bass guitar, and traveling with his wife. Aaron attended Lamar University where he received a Bachelor of Science in Business Management Information Systems.





Trey LeBlanc: Content Marketing Manager

Content Connoisseur  

Trey LeBlanc Marketing RefreshTrey came onboard at the start of 2015 eager to assist new growth opportunities for existing and potential Marketing Refresh clients. Trey’s experience in the entertainment business led him from Los Angeles to Nashville, where he worked in the following areas: copyrights, publishing, digital marketing, promotions, and direct marketing.

Before his transition into entertainment, he served honorably in the U.S. Navy and was deployed twice overseas to support narcoterrorism operations in Central and South America. While in the service he supervised and tested the installation, preventative maintenance and safety procedures for various weapons systems and technology. Trey’s unique blend of military and entertainment background offers a fresh perspective to our team that is focused on collaboration, attention to detail, and a results driven approach to providing solutions for our clients marketing needs.

Trey lives in Humble, Texas and enjoys spending time with his daughter, family, and friends. He’s also an avid guitar aficionado and enjoys songwriting and other various intellectual pursuits. Trey attended University of Houston Clear Lake where he graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing.


How This All Started

A tennis teammate once said to Terri that her own family needed a REFRESH!  No, she didn’t want to ditch her husband or her kids and start over.  This teammate just recognized that throughout the year, bad habits form. Kids talk back, spouses don’t help each other out like they should.  Common courtesy and manners fall by the wayside as busy days wear you down.  When these times came around, she would sit down with her family and tell them that they needed to REFRESH their attitudes and get back to the manners and values that define their family.  Kind of like a do-over, or better yet a do-better.  Everybody would respond and they would go about their merry way.

Terri loved this concept so much that she started her own family REFRESH routine with her kids.  They responded and she found that approach to work better than boring lectures.  Terri’s kids are now old enough to know the rules and know right from wrong (at least she thinks so).  Now the kids even recognize the tell-tale signs and tell her when it’s time to push the REFRESH button.

So why not take this same approach to the marketing world?  Every brand can become stagnant, every marketing program can become stale and need to be revived.  Every business owner or Marketing Director can become overwhelmed with their daily activities.  Our goal is to help keep your marketing strategy fresh and exciting, while improving results and driving more business.


Ready For Refresh 

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